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Market Data Training 1st November 2016 - 3rd November 2016 Send

Over three days the course will provide in-depth training on all aspects of the revised 2016 FISD/FIA examination syllabus, preparing attendees to take the FISD examination and giving them a comprehensive understanding of the technical and administrative aspects of the Market Data industry.

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European Trading Architecture Summit 17th November 2016 Send

The European Trading Architecture Summit gives and opportunity to technologists from investment banks, and Financial firms as well as technology vendors and service providers to discuss in detail cutting edge solutions and latest industry topics.

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Sell-Side Technology Awards


Sell-Side Technology Awards 20th April 2017 Send

The aim of the Sell-Side Technology awards is to recognize the leading technologies and third-party vendors in their area of expertise, through an auditable and transparent methodology underpinned by the input and experience of eight judges – four sell-side CIOs and four of Waters magazine’s senior

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