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Implementing and capturing value from BCBS 239


Implementing and capturing value from BCBS 239 27th October 2016 Send

The last progress report in 2015 has revealed though, that 50% of organisations that are subject to the mandate are expecting to be materially non-compliant by 2016. Since many banks continue to struggle to meet the BCBS 239 deadline, this webinar will aim to shed a light...

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Funds Transfer Pricing Canada 26th October 2016 - 27th October 2016 Send

Risk is now pleased to be hosting the ‘Funds Transfer Pricing’ training course which will provide an ideal platform for discussion and learning.

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National Asset-Liability Management - Africa 27th October 2016 - 28th October 2016 Send

The National Asset-Liability Management Africa Symposium will provide a forum for central banks, ministries of finance, and national fund managers to come together to discuss best practice in reserve management, challenges of having non-diversified economies and, achieving economic stability, ensuri

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IT Leaders Club


IT Leaders Club 2nd November 2016 Send

The IT Leaders Dining Club is an exclusive, invitation-only organisation comprising the UK’s top CIOs, CTOs and other technologists and business leaders.

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Professional Pensions Investment Conference 2016 3rd November 2016 Send

The Professional Pensions Investment Conference will look at number of different investment options that can help improve funding levels and the range of risk reduction strategies that can help improve the long-term outlook for schemes.

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Approaches to Liquidity Risk Management 2nd November 2016 - 3rd November 2016 Send

Risk has designed a two day course in order to offer attendees practical guidance in how to implement both ratios, LCR and NFSR, but also an insight into the application of the monitoring tools.

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Making Sense of Risk Appetite 2nd November 2016 - 3rd November 2016 Send

This two day training course will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of risk appetite. Delegates will gain in-depth, practical knowledge of building a risk appetite framework, and consider wider strategic issues such as risk culture and communicating with the board.

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Market Data Training 1st November 2016 - 3rd November 2016 Send

Over three days the course will provide in-depth training on all aspects of the revised 2016 FISD/FIA examination syllabus, preparing attendees to take the FISD examination and giving them a comprehensive understanding of the technical and administrative aspects of the Market Data industry.

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Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference


Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference 1st November 2016 - 3rd November 2016 Send

The Asia Pacific Financial Information Conference is the leading industry event in the region. Each year we bring together over 400 market and reference data professionals for 2-days of high-level discussion on the latest developments and trends in the global and regional data industries. Date TBC

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Investment Company Forum 4th November 2016 Send

Investment Week proudly presents the Investment Company Forum – an exclusive one-day forum for the industry’s leading investment trust directors and senior investment professionals.

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