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Webinar - How to successfully move your organisation to the cloud 26th September 2018 Send

It’s 2018, and we’ve been migrating to the cloud for at least five years, and probably talking about it for at least 10. With most of us familiar with the benefits of cloud services, then, why is the process of moving to the cloud still considered by some to be a challenge?

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Webinar - Proactive protection: The human element of cyber security 27th September 2018 Send

This web seminar will outline ‘the three Ws’: What the problem is; Why it matters; and What to do to solve it. As part of this, it will examine the risks of ignoring the ‘insider threat’, outlining why human centric security is integral.

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Webinar - You’re in the cloud – but what now? 2nd October 2018 Send

Multi cloud or hybrid cloud, serverless cloud or containers? There’s many options on the table but, beyond the obvious, what do they all do? Are you monetising and deriving the best value you can from what you’re using, and are you fully clear on the potential of what’s available?

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IT Leaders Summit 2018 16th October 2018 Send

The IT Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity for a select group of senior IT executives to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends. Working in partnership with our IT leaders network we have identified key industry themes that will form the foundation of the summit

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ITLF - Automation: streamlining your essential business processes 7th November 2018 Send

Computing's IT Leaders Forum brings together the senior IT professionals who drive technology decisions within major UK enterprises.

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UK IT Industry Awards 2018 14th November 2018 Send

Celebrate your IT excellence at the UK IT Industry Awards 2018 - the benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the UK computer industry!

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AI & Machine Learning Live 2018 19th November 2018 Send

New for 2018: Computing is proud to present AI & Machine Learning Live 2018!

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Enterprise Security and Risk Management Live 2018 21st November 2018 Send

Both our lives and our businesses grow more digital every year, and cyber security grows in importance at an equal rate. As cyber criminals' attacks become ever more sophisticated, we see an over-abundance of security solutions from an ever increasing number of vendors.

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Security Excellence Awards 2018 21st November 2018 Send

The Computing Security Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of the IT industry's best security companies, solutions, products and personalities.

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Women in IT Excellence Awards 2018 27th November 2018 Send

We believe the way to inspire the next generation is to show them the remarkable footsteps they're following in. We want to highlight the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the leaders and the pioneers: the women building the infrastructure of the future.

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