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IT Leaders Summit 2017 31st January 2018 Send

The IT Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity for a select group of senior IT executives to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends. Working in partnership with our IT leaders network we have identified key industry themes that will form the foundation of the summit

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DevOps Summit


DevOps Summit 21st March 2018 Send

DevOps has become an inescapable word in technology circles recently with many firms wanting to reap the benefits of bringing developers and operations together. This conference will bring senior IT decision-makers to discuss the latest strategies for DevOps implementation.

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DevOps Excellence Awards 2018

Responsive 2017 Awards/Rankings

DevOps Excellence Awards 2018 21st March 2018 Send

Computing's DevOps Excellence Awards showcases outstanding achievement from organisations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

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Cloud & Infrastructure Summit North 18th April 2018 Send

Cloud computing has already proven to bring multiple benefits to its users - it is flexible, scalable and eliminates the enormous capital costs of designing and building your own infrastructure. Join us for this one day FREE* event to network with your peers, meet leading industry vendors and learn

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