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Cover Excellence Awards 2019 10th October 2019 Send

The COVER Excellence Awards celebrate the firms and intermediaries that are leading the charge within the protection, life and health insurance space.

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IT Leaders Summit 2019 15th October 2019 Send

The IT Leaders Summit is a unique opportunity for a select group of senior IT executives to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends. Working in partnership with our IT leaders network we have identified key industry themes that will form the foundation of the summit

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International Investment Awards 2019 16th October 2019 Send

The International Investment Awards are in honor and recognition of groups who distribute financial products and services internationally.

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Women in Channel Awards


Women in Channel Awards 17th October 2019 Send

Designed to recognise the female role models that will inspire the next generation of females in the Channel.

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BusinessGreen Leaders Summit 2019 23rd October 2019 Send

The BusinessGreen Leaders' Summit will bring together some of the UK's top green executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, campaigners, and politicians to explore how the pace, reach, and adoption of green business innovation can be accelerated, and the barriers to adoption overcome.

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COVER Women in Protection Awards 2019 12th November 2019 Send

The COVER Women in Protection Awards, launched in association with the Women in Protection Network, is our chance to celebrate the leading ladies within the life, protection and health insurance industry.

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UK IT Industry Awards 13th November 2019 Send

Celebrate your IT excellence at the UK IT Industry Awards 2019 - the benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the UK computer industry!

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CRN Channel Awards


CRN Channel Awards 14th November 2019 Send

The CRN Channel Awards are the most sought after awards in the industry, recognising excellence and rewarding outstanding performance in the UK IT channel.

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Computing Cyber Security Live 2019 21st November 2019 Send

In cyber-security hindsight is not a wonderful planning tool, if you're not prepared you're going to find yourself seriously hindered. Computing are hosting Cyber Security Live to discuss all the important issues surrounding cyber-security.

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Security Excellence Awards 2019 21st November 2019 Send

The Computing Security Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of the IT industry's best security companies, solutions, products and personalities.

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