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Fast forward to increased field worker productivity 31st October 2017 Send

During this web seminar we'll be looking at how to put together a winning strategy for the mobile workforce, including quick wins in terms of immediacy of service, and longer term efforts to improve logistical efficiency, accuracy in documentation, business competitiveness, customers’ satisfaction and employee morale.

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Women in IT Excellence Awards 1st November 2017 Send

New from Computing: Women in IT Excellence Awards. More information coming soon...

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CRN On 2017


CRN On 2017 7th November 2017 Send

CRN On: The European Channel in 2020 - Disruption, Collaboration and Innovation will provide senior leaders with a 360 degree view of the market incorporating technology, investment and future trends.

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BusinessGreen Leaders Summit 2017 9th November 2017 Send

The BusinessGreen Leaders' Summit will bring together some of the world's top sustainable business thinkers to offer unique insights on how the green economy has evolved over the past decade.

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Channelnomics Conference MSP, Deutschland 9th November 2017 Send

Da der MSP-Markt reift und Wettbewerb zunimmt, ist es wichtig, sich zu differenzieren. Was aber macht eine erstklassige Managed Service Provider? Uns an Channelnomics MSP MELDEN SIE wie wir Licht auf die Zukunft des us Managed Services Industrie beleuchten.

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UK IT Industry Awards 2017


UK IT Industry Awards 2017 15th November 2017 - 16th November 2017 Send

Celebrate your IT excellence at the UK IT Industry Awards 2016 - the benchmark for outstanding performance throughout the UK computer industry!

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CRN Channel Awards 2017


CRN Channel Awards 2017 16th November 2017 - 17th November 2017 Send

The CRN Channel Awards are the most sought after awards in the industry, recognising excellence and rewarding outstanding performance in the UK IT channel.

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Enterprise Security and Risk Management Summit 2017 23rd November 2017 Send

Both our lives and our businesses grow more digital every year, and cyber security grows in importance at an equal rate. As cyber criminals' attacks become ever more sophisticated, we see an over-abundance of security solutions from an ever increasing number of vendors.

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Computing Security Excellence Awards 23rd November 2017 - 24th November 2017 Send

Celebrate the achievements of the IT industry;s best security companies, solutions, products and personalities.

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V3 Technology Awards 2017


V3 Technology Awards 2017 24th November 2017 Send

The 2017 categories covered the business technology spectrum from mobility and security through to innovation and the Internet of Things.

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