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Fight Night 2018 24th May 2018 Send

Do you have what it takes to be a Fight Night warrior? Fight Night is back - for our 11th year - on 24 May 2018. 20 fearless channel contenders will once again immerse themselves into the brutal world of boxing to raise money for their chosen charities.

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Security is a big data problem – it belongs in the cloud 6th June 2018 Send

To what extent are firms investigating cloud security? What are they using it for? How are these infrastructures coping in specific threat situations? All this and more will be answered in this exciting webinar on security and big data.

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Channelnomics Conference Security, New York 7th June 2018 Send

Keeping up with a security landscape that has evolved quickly and continues to increase in complexity is becoming a real challenge for channel firms. Our event will shed light on the most significant challenges and suggest possible strategies for overcoming the most pressing issues.

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Lifting the lid on the MSP market’s mega-merger 21st June 2018 Send

What opportunities will the enlarged company offer partners, and what can they expect from the vendor in the second half of 2018? All will be revealed in this web seminar, which will see Datto SVP Mark Banfield lay out the vendor’s plans and discuss the investments it is making in its UK business.

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Tech Marketing & Innovation Awards 2018 22nd June 2018 Send

Celebrating the exceptional work produced by B2B Tech marketers, teams and agencies.

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CRN Conference MSP North 27th June 2018 Send

Attend the 2018 Channel Conference MSP to hear real-life case studies from your peers and meet with leading industry vendors to find out about the latest technology to capitalise on.

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Data Management & Analytics Live 2018 3rd July 2018 Send

They say that data is the new gold, so with its increasing importance Computing has decided to broaden the scope of it's regular Big Data Analytics Summit to cover all aspects of data.

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Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2018 4th July 2018 Send

The Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to recognise the achievements of the individuals and companies who are really making it happen at the coal face of the digital technology stack: from website design and coding to UX and scrum masters all the way up to the CDO.

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