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Test of time: How the PDF has evolved to make businesses more efficient in 2020 17th March 2020 Send

In this Computing webinar in association with Adobe we will find out to what extent the PDFs is an integral tool to the workflows of organisations today, discover what the common objections and misconceptions are, and explore how businesses can better exploit the PDFs enduring potential.

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DevOps Live 2020


DevOps Live 2020 18th March 2020 Send

Through expert keynotes, end-user case studies, and moderated panel discussions the event will cover the key issues surrounding the transition to DevOps, pushing through Agile, and bringing people with you as you do.

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DevOps Excellence Awards 2020 18th March 2020 Send

Computing's DevOps Excellence Awards showcases outstanding achievement from organisations, personalities and solutions operating within the DevOps space.

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Sustainable Funds to Watch 2020


Sustainable Funds to Watch 2020 19th March 2020 Send

Delegates at the Sustainable Funds to Watch conference will hear from specialist keynote speakers and nine fund groups during the event, who will tackle some of these issues and give their unique perspectives on a fast-moving area of the market.

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BusinessGreen Technology & Investment Forum 2019 26th March 2020 Send

Investors and sustainable tech firms are invited to sign up to BusinessGreen's Tech & Investment Forum to explore the investment opportunities offered by the UK's fast expanding green economy.

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CRN Sustainability Summit 6th May 2020 Send

Join us at the inaugural CRN Sustainability Summit to hear from expert keynotes, panel discussions and case studies from organisations that are making strides in sustainability. This event will be a thought-provoking opportunity to network with peers.

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CRN MSP Transform Manchester 17th June 2020 Send

Attend the 2020 Channel Conference MSP to hear real-life case studies from your peers and meet with leading industry vendors to find out about the latest technology to capitalise on.

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AI & Machine Learning 2020


AI & Machine Learning 2020 1st July 2020 Send

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today. The awards cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data analysis, innovation and more, as well as showcasing the movers and shakers: the technology heroes and proje

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