About Incisive Media

Incisive Media is one of the world's leading business-to-business (B2B) information providers, serving the financial and professional services markets globally. We aim to bring product provider and purchaser business communities together using all the varied platforms available to a modern publishing business.

Quality content and unrivalled passion:

Incisive Media has an unquestioned reputation for delivering high quality, timely information in whatever format best suits our customers. With an unrivalled passion for the products they produce, over 750 staff across 3 continents provide an ever-increasing range of valuable marketing opportunities, enabling the professional communities we serve to do more and better business.

Envy of our peers:

Incisive Media has grown from the publisher of a single B2B financial magazine to a global business media company with a portfolio that is the envy of it's peers. Whether communicating online, in print, in person, Incisive Media prides itself on it's entrepreneurial culture, creating market-leading products for the industries we serve. The business operates across the main areas of financial services, with leading brands in the financial, legal, accountancy and IT sectors.

Platform neutral approach:

Central to our business model is a truly platform-neutral approach to media communication. Whether audiences wish to communicate through the pages of a magazine, newsletter, book or directory, or perhaps face-to face at events, exhibitions or conferences, or online through websites, video, business TV channels or the latest in cutting edge app and mobile technology, Incisive Media has product to suit their needs. In addition, our teams supply contract publishing, market research, online and offline training and a host of other value added services to suit our customer requirements.

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About Incisive Media Events

With over 500 events taking place around the world, Incisive Media has a varied and diverse events platform. Our events are supported by the editorial expertise behind our publications, as well as our international specialist team in event production, marketing and logistics. Together, this ensures the highest quality content and the maximum reach to audiences around the world.

Incisive's event types span the entire gamut: From large-scale conferences and exhibitions, glamorous awards dinners and cocktail receptions to technical training courses, industry briefings and interactive workshops, there is something for everyone. We also offer tailored events for our clients such as corporate networking and roadshows and in-house training and in recent years our online event portfolio has grown dramatically, now encompassing e-symposiums, webinars and audiocasts.

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