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Why integrated Cloud ERP is the whetstone your competitive edge needs 20th June 2019 Send

An integrated, cloud-based financials or HCM platform can foster a business and workplace environment where business insights happen in real-time, agility is the norm, and global resources can be managed more easily. But what compels businesses to tear themselves away from on-prem products? Is it agility? Cost? User-experience? Scalability? Business insights?

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The key disciplines for becoming a world-class MSP 25th June 2019 Send

Even for established MSPs, there is still the threat of becoming too comfortable with success and resting on your laurels. Are you taking a ‘one size fits all’ attitude to clients or treating their individual requirements? Are you doing your absolute best to retain staff?

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CRN Conference MSP North 26th June 2019 Send

Attend the 2019 Channel Conference MSP to hear real-life case studies from your peers and meet with leading industry vendors to find out about the latest technology to capitalise on.

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Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2019 2nd July 2019 Send

The Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards exist to recognise the achievements of the individuals and companies who are really making it happen at the coal face of the digital technology stack: from website design and coding to UX and scrum masters all the way up to the CDO.

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AI & Machine Learning Live 2019 3rd July 2019 Send

Computing is proud to present AI & Machine Learning Live 2019!

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AI & Machine Learning Awards 3rd July 2019 Send

Artificial intelligence as a concept has existed for decades, but only in recent years have businesses begun large-scale adoption. AI technologies have the potential to reshape the world that we live in and change the way that we work. From data entry and chatbots to healthcare and the environment,

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Computing Technology Forum 4th July 2019 Send

Computing's Technology Forum brings together the IT professionals who drive technology decisions within major UK enterprises.

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Sales & Marketing Awards 2019 4th July 2019 Send

The CRN Sales & Marketing Awards recognise and reward the achievements of those individuals and teams that are responsible for making the UK IT channel truly great.

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European Channel Leadership Forum 4th September 2019 - 5th September 2019 Send

The European Channel Leadership Forum is a unique 2 day conference. It brings together leading CEOs from European VARS and MSPs to discuss pressing issues, technologies and developments facing the industry, and also to network with no agenda.

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Women in Tech Festival UK 17th September 2019 Send

New for 2019: CRN & Computing are proud to present the Women in Tech Festival UK!

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